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Posted by polkoii - May 9th, 2021

Hey! Just wanted to do a post update / insight as the artist and sound designer of the team.

I really fell in love with Mion's design and I was really lucky to like the first art I put to my digital paper! I am really glad the art paid off :D Not a bad start for my first time trying out pixel art for real. I hope I can do more with the design. The animations were a first as well for pixel art so I had to make a lot of references. Kudos to Pedro Medeiros (the pixel artist for Celeste), for their amazing work! I am so glad the feeling I was trying to convey got through!

I really love the dash and attack mechanic but due to time constraints, we never really got to see the whole thing through and match the feel of the animations to the gameplay so the game does feel a bit off.

This game has a very steep difficulty curve and we currently do not have time to fix it :( Although, I can give some tips:

 - Enemies only die if the ball is in motion (basically the ball has to be bounced at the enemies to count). The ball has to hit the enemies, not the other way around.

 - There are 5 waves per world, spawning 2 enemies each in the first world (forest), 3 each in the second (sand) and 4 each in the third (wood) (Totals per world respectively: 10, 15, 20)

 - Blue Balls are low priority since they are slower and are always visible. However, they do hurt in numbers.

 - Red Balls are high priority and blink back and forth. I've found staying in a corner helps.

 - There is a weird "cheat" where if you attack just far enough from the clover ball so it doesn't move but still be affected, the ball will become an active hitbox for the enemies! Just have the enemies bounce at the ball and they will die!

While I would love to see the fabled "wood" world be beaten, I just can't imagine it. Please let me know if you ever manage to get there, that would be incredible.

However, if you want a challenge that is not the wood world, the "EX" button on the main menu takes you to the Bunny in a Car world with a super fast bunny in a car.

I've made it to the sand level myself so my highscore is about 13! (since the score resets every world)

Good luck everyone and stay safe! We appreciate all your feedback! Thank you for playing our little game in our first game jam! 

If you ever want to chat, I'm on discord, IG, twitter, itch, etc. by the same name!